About Inspectacar

'The InspectaCar promise is to provide South Africans with a product and service of such a high standard that the brand automatically comes to mind for pre-owned buyers. As we always say - 'Don't buy a used car; buy a pre-loved car'.


InspectaCar has become one of the most successful pre-owned car dealership networks in South Africa. Since it strives to bring drivers the best quality vehicles available InspectaCar refers to its cars as 'pre-loved'.

The company has grown in stature since its inception in 2002. Its vision remains to become the most reputable and reliable brand in an industry with a somewhat chequered history and traditionally tainted image; a name that South Africans can rely on for top-notch vehicles sold by principled, honest dealers and backed by superior after-sales service.

InspectaCar customers can expect:

Big Selection

High quality vehicles that are not older than five years and with mileage that is not above 150 000km. Occasionally InspectaCar does stock a limited selection of older models in excellent condition, as these often offer customers great value for money and the opportunity to acquire desirable cars.

Trusted Stock

Stock that carries the endorsement of WesBank, a division of the FirstRand group.

Advice and Guidance

Advice and guidance on warranties and value-added products from the extensive suite of customised solutions offered by InspectaCar through WesBank.


Verification that an exhaustive 101-point quality check has been performed on the vehicle before it was offered for sale.

Background Check

A guarantee that the vehicle has not been stolen.

Long lasting service

The dealer's commitment to providing excellent after-sales backup.

In its dealings with customers, InspectaCar subscribes to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), which is an initiative of the Financial Services Board (FSB). Essentially, this gives customers the assurance that they are dealing with a company that subscribes to a culture of fair treatment; offers products and services that meet their needs and expectations; provides clear information and suitable advice, and puts up no unreasonable barriers to customer complaints.

The company is also party to the Transaction Protected Project (TPP) of the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA), which protects both the dealer and consumer from unscrupulous behaviour by means of a sanctioned contract between buyer and seller or a binding clause in the 'offer to purchase' document. Should a dispute arise, the matter will be adjudicated at no cost by MIOSA.